Noam Gressel, PhD

Founder & CEO




Noam established Assif-Strategies in 2001 with the purpose of creating business value with environmental values - a mission that's remained his personal quest for over a decade at the forefront of corporate environmental innovation. Over the years, Noam served as entrepreneur, investor, advisor and board member to numerous early-stage energy, food-tech & green businesses, including: Elysium Carbon; TransAlgae; EnStorage, Panoramic Power &  DouxMatok. He also served as a venture partner with Greylock IL, a prominent venture capital firm and is currently on the environmental advisory panel of Yad Hanadiv/Rothchild Foundation and several nonprofit boards.  Past non-profit positions include Executive Director of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Director of Science at the Israel Union for Environmental Defense. and Chair of the Audit Committee of the Israel Broadcasting Authority. Noam earned a Ph.D. at the Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management, University of California at Berkeley and a B.Sc. Cum Laude in Soil & Water Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

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Ofer Ben Dov, MES

Director, Energy & Carbon




Mr. Ben-Dov is a renewable energy expert with vast experience conducting feasibility studies, developing environmental business strategies and management systems as well renewable energy and carbon programs. He also serves as CTO of Elysium - Carbon Trade & Investment, an Assif-Strategies subsidiary. He has a graduate degree in Business Strategies for Renewable Energy and a diploma in Business & Environment from York University, Canada. His research on renewable energy business strategies earned him the prestigious International e7 Sustainable Energy Development Scholarship. Previously, he served as campaign director for Greenpeace Mediterranean in Israel and was a founding member of The Natural Step in Israel. Member of the Energy & Agriculture Steering Committee of the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructure and the Ministry of Agriculture. 

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Arbel Harari

Director, Customer Support




Ms. Harari specializes in strategic environmental analysis, process development and reporting. She works with clients on developing environmental policies, stakeholder dialogue and sustainability reporting based on Global Reporting Initiative standards. Ms. Harari prepared Israel’s first GRI-based environmental reports for the Egged Bus Company, Nesher Cement Industries and Sharon-Laboratories and serves as Assif’s Organizational Stakeholder contact with the Global Reporting Initiative. Ms. Harari, an Accredited LEED Professional by the US Green Building Council, is currently developing Assif’s green building expertise, with special focus on the LEED standard. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Geography & Communication from Tel Aviv University where she will soon be completing a graduate degree in Geography & Human Environment.

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Ziv Weitz

Environmental Consulting




Ziv is an environmental consultant and a project manager of various environmental projects in the Israeli industry, dealing with different issues, such as green office, PRTR (Pollutant release and transfer register), Clean Air law, GHG (Green House Gases emissions) and more. Ziv had been the project manager of the PRTR report for ICL (Israel Chemical Ltd.). He also serves as the environmental consultant of Dan public transportation, the Tel Aviv metropolitan biggest bus company. In this work Ziv is in charge of compliance with regulations, management of the bus fleet and analysis of the environmental influences. Previously Ziv had participated in few international development activities. Ziv earned his B.Sc in Life sciences - Biology with a specialization in Ecology, from Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

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Daniel Buchen

Sales Manager & Professional Support`




Daniel Buchen is an alumnus of the Argov Fellowship Program for Leadership and Diplomacy at the IDC, Herzliya and a recent graduate of The Porter School of Environmental Studies at Tel-Aviv University. He completed his Masters degree in Environmental Studies, majoring in corporate environmental management and in his final seminar paper, he explored the links - within the Israeli banking sector - between Corporate Social Responsibility and a firms' stock price volatility. As an intern at Assif Strategies in 2014, Daniel benchmarked Israeli retail banks and global retail banks in terms of their CSR strategies and environmental sustainability. Daniel also completed an internship in 2014 at Social Finance Israel, where he helped to conduct a feasibility study for the structuring of a Social Impact Bond. 

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