ecoOS is an internet service that encapsulate high-end sustainability consulting to the broader enterprise market.
Clients become competitive leaders: gain immediate performance and context visibility, and coordinate action. 

Founded: 2015

Elysium Carbon is a carbon trading firm that allows companies and individuals to develop, trade, and invest in the global market for certified and voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction credits.


Founded: 2005

DouxMatok is developing sweetness delivery technology for sugars, enabling the use of less sugar in a variety of food products and beverages while retaining the same “full sugar experience".


Founded: 2013

enChor provides a data management toolkit 
specifically designed for enterprise sustainability. 
Clients compile, manage and report quickly and easily.  


Founded: 2013

TransAlgae develops advanced biotechnology for algae cultivation, harvesting and utilization.




Founded: 2008

Thyme Energy focused on developing biofuel production capacity.




Founded: 2007. The company ceased its operations in 2009. 





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