Strategy, Management

& Accounting


  • Strategic sustainability management

  • Corporate environmental accounting & reporting - Preformance analysis & benchmarking -

  • Social & environmental cost-benefit & risk analyses

  • Environmental data management & integration

Product Innovation

& Cleantech


  • Product life-cycle analysis & environmental product declaration

  • Product eco-design management

  • Natural capital innovation tools

  • Clean technology assessment & due dillegence


Carbon Services


  • Carbon offset development (CDM, JI, VCS, Social Carbon, etc.)

  • Corporate carbon footprinting

  • Climate change risk analysis

  • Product climate declaration



Apparel Industry Case Study

A textile exporter with local R&D facilities was looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly. Assif-Strategies implemented a uniquely tailored process which helped the company begin to understand its corporate environmental impact and open a dialogue with its stakeholders and the public.


The process generated meaningful environmental achievements including:

  • The development of an environmentally friendly product line

  • The company’s first GRI Corporate Social Responsibility Report

  • Increased employee awareness and engagement in the process

  • Branding achievements with international customers

  • Friendly Office implementation

  • Environmental benchmarks, measuring and goals


Cement Industry Case Study

One of our most comprehensive client relationships began in 2004 with the largest cement manufacturer in the Middle East. The cement production process is resource intensive and very visible to the public which poses significant risks and provides meaningful opportunities for environmental leadership and stewardship.


The strategic consulting process has generated meaningful environmental achievements including:

  • GRI Corporate Environmental Reports

  • Stakeholder Dialogue and Public Engagement

  • International Environmental Initiatives

  • Air Quality Control and Reporting Plan

  • Environmental Policy Development

  • Climate Change Mitigation Plan

  • Kyoto Protocol CDM Climate Change Projects

  • Life-Cycle Forum with multiple stakeholders with the Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Custom Furniture Case Study

A luxury bedding manufacturer and exporter with R&D facilities and a manufacturing center in Israel was looking to decrease the company’s ecological impact. Assif-Strategies implemented an Eco-Design framework to analyze and improve the production process throughout the product lifecycle and to develop an Environmental Policy and Environmental Strategy for the company.


The Eco-Design process generated meaningful environmental achievements including:

  • International Market Segment Benchmarking

  • Environmental Policy Development

  • Environmental Action Plan: Goals & Guidelines

  • Carbon Foot printing for site and product

  • Raw material environmental analysis

  • Climate Change Mitigation Plan

Pharmaceutical Case Study

A large pharmaceutical client was interested in incorporating environmental values into its business culture. Assif-Strategies developed a customized program for the company which focused on both increased efficiency and better business practices, as well as, an educational program for workers and their families.


The project generated meaningful environmental achievements including:

  • A reduction in the companys ecological footprint through increased efficiency

  • The creation of award-winning educational lesson plans for the staff and their families

  • Marketing Exposure with Environmental NGOs

  • Environmental Improvement in the companys car fleet

  • Carbon inventory analysis Energy use analysis and efficiency recommendations

Public Transportation Company Case Study

A Public Transport Co, which serves the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and is the second largest public bus transportation company in Israel, received a challenging regulatory mandate to reduce air emissions. The company was also facing legal action by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and was perceived by the public as an environmental problem and not a solution.   Assif-Strategies enabled the company to analyze and improve their internal environmental management process and to develop long term policies which reshaped the Environmental Strategy of the company and helped to change its public image.


The process generated meaningful environmental achievements including:

  • Meeting all regulatory air emissions requirements

  • Environmental Policy Development

  • 2004 Environmental Road Map Public Report

  • Improvement in air emission reduction goals beyond subsequent regulatory requirements

  • Ongoing Stakeholder Dialogue with Environmental NGOs and the public

  • Avoiding legal action and investing the equivalent costs into improved performance

  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection

  • Environmental Action Plan: Goals & Guidelines

  • An internal change in the strategic importance given to environmental performance


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