The challenge of promoting environmental excellence has lead Assif Strategies to engage with the business community utilizing two synergistic approaches. The first is through consulting and management services focusing primarily on environmental strategy, resource accounting and sustainability initiatives. In addition, Assif Strategies serves as an innovation launchpad for several early-stage energy, food and green businesses.


Many of the early pilot projects for products and services developed by the start-ups at Assif were housed and sponsored by some of Assif's most trusted and innovative clients. This allows technology to evolve in a friendly environment, but also provides direct access to the market once the product is mature. The diverse network created through Assif Strategies' activities, blending corporate sustainability professionals with cutting-edge cleantech, IT, biotech and food-tech entrepreneurs, has provided Assif Strategies with a unique vantage point within the Israeli "start-up nation" community, as well as within the global sustainability arena.